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 *** Good news! We are now doing pre-paid contactless customer drop-offs and pickups at our Seminole location, call for a drop-off time ***


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Basic DVDs $18.00* (Suitable for Archiving)

(NOTICE: we cannot transfer ANY copyrighted (store bought) tapes, even if you recorded your favorite sports team or TV shows yourself onto your own VHS tape -thank you for your understanding.)

HOURS:  MON-FRI 6:00pm - 8:30pm


* (Betamax, PAL & Secam + $5.00, Transfer to Blu-ray** + $8.00)         **Blu-ray Disc™ is a trademark owned by Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA)              (Florida residents add 7% sales tax)

This is excellent product for taking a couple, or a whole box our your old VHS tapes and preserving them, or sending copies to relatives.  Though economy priced, these DVDs come in a high-quality full-size case (similar to a rental store), not generic "thin cases".  The DVD's are printed on directly (not stick-on labels).  This product has a fast turn-around, as there is no editing involved: what's on the source will be on the DVD.

Don't have a VCR anymore and not sure if you want to transfer a certain tape to a DVD?  We can help you with that too, for a $5 charge per tape, we can preview the first 15 minutes of a tape and tell you what's on it, so you won't have to make a DVD of an old football or basketball game from 1986!  No store will do that for you!

Basic DVDs can be custom - edited to remove unwanted video.  To learn more about Editing: Click Here

Don't have a working VCR anymore or have a PAL or Secam VHS tape you cannot watch and not sure if you want to transfer the tape to a DVD? We can help you with that too:

$5 charge per tape...we can preview the first 15 minutes of a tape and tell you what's on it, so you won't have to make a DVD of an old football or basketball game from 1986!  No store will do that for you! (Because we offer this service, all tapes  you give to us to transfer that are not blank will be made into DVDs and charged regular price...please preview your tapes first)

Key Benefits

  • We use High Quality printable national brand DVD-Rs by Verbatim® or Memorex® (not sticker labels) and are placed into high quality  full-size 14mm plastic DVD cases.
  • We can create your DVD in PAL Format to share with your friends in Europe, Africa, and Asia (+$5.00)
  • Inexpensive.
  • Fast turn-around (Pinellas County, FL in 7 days or less)
  • Up to 2 full hours from a single video source: VHS Tape, Video-8, Hi8, Digital8, Mini-DV,  Mini DVD-R, USB Portable drives; SD, Micro-SD, MMC, TF, SM, XD, MS, CF(I&II) memory cards, (Standard 8mm Film and Super 8 Film have and additional set-up fee)
  • 1st Title Page and Text is Free Example: "George and Martha's Wedding (July 1976)", additional Title Pages are $5  each





We are unable to transfer Betacam and HD MiniDV tapes.



 1st DVD (up to 2 hours from 1 Tape) Basic


 1st Betamax, PAL, Secam to DVD (up to 2 hours). Basic


 Convert NTSC tape to a PAL DVD Basic


 1st Blu-ray* (up to 2 hours from 1 Tape) Basic


 To Add 2 or more Tapes to the same DVD Basic

          (each Tape added) $12.00  

 To Add 2 or more Tapes to the same DVD Basic

  (each Beta,PAL, Secam Tape added) $14.50  

 Volume Discounts (your 10th DVD is Free!) Basic

        (after 10 regular-priced DVDs) - $18.00 off  

(Florida residents add 7% sales tax)                                                                                                                         *Blu-ray Disc™ is a trademark owned by Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), "Beta" & "Betamax" is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation




 MPEG-2/4 to  Data DVD (up to 2 hours from 1 Tape) Basic

  (up to 2hrs. from 1 Tape)     $18.00  

 MPEG-2/4 to  Flash Drive (up to 2 hours from 1 Tape) Flash

(up to 2hrs. from 1 Tape) **$16.00  

 Betamax PAL or SECAM charge Basic

(added for each Tape)     $5.00   

*A 2 hour VHS tape to MPEG-2/4 will NOT automatically divide itself to fit onto a Flash Drive, it has to be MANUALLY divided into less than 4GB parts (the limit of a Flash Drive file size), this means that it has to be edited to 4 or more separate parts to be able to save it onto a Flash drive or Data DVD.

**$6 Discount on Video Files to Flash Drive if we are already making your video into a DVD.

NOTICE:   MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 DVDs will not play in most DVD Players!  This type of product is for you to download the files to your computer for you to edit yourself only.

 Copies of your Basic DVD we made Basic


 Copies of a Basic DVD (not made by us) Basic


 Archive DVD with us (for future copies or loss)* Basic

 (each DVD) $4.00  

 Additional Title Pages (1st one is free) Basic

(for each Title)    $5.00  

 Preview Tapes not converted to DVD Basic

(for each Tape)    $5.00  

 Sample DVD (no chapters, paper sleeve) Basic

(for each Tape)  $14.00  

 Shipping (Return 1 VHS & 1 DVD) Basic


(Florida residents add 7% sales tax)

*NOTICE: Your video and audio files are only kept on computer for 30 DAYS for you to make duplicates for family and friends.For future use, or to protect against damage or loss, we can archive your DVD with us for $3.00 per DVD. With this service, a DVD can be re-made for you in usually 2 days.

Fast turn-around time for:  St. Petersburg, St. Pete Beach, Clearwater, Largo, Pinellas Park, Seminole, Gulfport, and Treasure Island in Pinellas County, FL.  We can be easily reached from most of the Tampa Bay Area.  (1Basic-style DVDs in 5 business days, 1Deluxe-style DVDs in 7 business days! (closed Saturdays and Sundays), Photo Slideshow & Film to DVDs take additional time).  Rush service is available for an additional charge:  

 RUSH SERVICE FOUR DAYS*     (MON by FRI) Basic or Deluxe

(for each DVD, limit 3 Basic or 2 Deluxe)  $10.00  


(for each DVD, limit 2 Basic or 1 Deluxe)  $15.00  


(for each DVD, limit 2 Basic)  $20.00  


     (limit 1 Basic DVD)                 $30.00  

*(Example: "MON by FRI": drop-off Monday, ready by Friday for $10 extra per DVD... Subject to work volume.)


(1) YOU DROP-OFF: (Fastest, most popular way)  Call us at (727) 642-0094 for directions and appointment

      (Please be prepared: appointments up to 30 minutes are free, over 30 minutes a consultation fee of $30/hour may be billed.)

      (Monday -Friday 6:00pm - 8:30pm)    (Closed Saturday & Sunday)


(Currently not offered duing Covid-19 Pandemic)

(2) WE PICK UP: (Pinellas County)      Call us at (727) 642-0094 to schedule a pickup time

     Pickup or Delivery  (MON-FRI 6:00pm - 8:30pm)    (Closed SAT & SUN)

      St. Petersburg, Pinellas Park, Seminole, Largo ......................................................... $15.00 pickup or delivery

      Tierra Verde, Dunedin, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Indian Rocks Bch................... $20.00 pickup or delivery



     Pack your items in bubble wrap and mail to:    

     DVD Makr Video Services
     PO Box 456
             Pinellas Park, FL 33780

Contact Information:

Business Phone:
      (727) 642-0094  (MON-FRI 6:00pm - 8:30pm)
      Contact: sales@dvdmakr.com

Our Guarantee:   Our DVDs are produced on new high-quality national brand DVD-R permanent media.   If your DVD player* FAILS to play any of our DVDs within 30 days, please return them and we will re-burn it for you on a DVD+R type at no additional charge.  Please check your DVD player's ability to play recordable DVDs by clicking: Compatibility.  Because the digital material we produce can take several hours per DVD or CD, and has the potential to be copied, we cannot offer money back, but we do make every effort to meet your requirements.   *Because of the many different operating systems, and video codecs requirements, these are designed to be played in DVD players, due to the additional processing time, a charge of $3 extra per DVD will be added to allow them to play in a computer.

All Prices and Services subject to change without notice.  Send mail to sales@dvdmakr.com with questions or comments about this web site.     "DVD Makr Video Transfer Services" is registered with the Florida Dept of State Division of Corporations, and with the Florida Department of Revenue.  DVD Makr is authorized by the FL DOR to report and collect state sales tax (Form DR-11 available upon request).
NOTICE:  (1) DVD Makr WILL NOT TRANSFER copyright-protected videotapes or DVDs (store-bought movies), nor videos of any legally questionable, immoral, or vulgar material.  We reserve the right to refuse any items of this nature sent to us and you will be responsible for the return postage.  (2) We value the privacy of our customers: when your videos are processed to a Basic or Deluxe DVD, your videos are kept in your unique folder on a computer hard drive for at least 30 days, and will never be shown, duplicated, posted online, or sold to anyone other than yourself without your permission.